“Let God Be the Judge”?

Excuse me?

This is still a developing story, so I’ll try to avoid commentary on the facts of the case, but today a 34-year-old woman accused the chief of Guyana’s National Police force of rape. His response, “Let God be the judge.”

I’m sure he would absolutely love that, too. You’ll notice there are no denials, no attempt to claim that that wasn’t the case, only a vague call to let a being who, if it exists at all, has a pretty spotty record on human rights and justice when it can be bothered to intervene at all, weigh in on his actions.

Please. Mr. Greene may or may not be a rapist, but he certainly is a coward for responding by hiding behind God’s skirts. This isn’t much different than when Joe Paterno, after hiding child rape, called on people to “pray for the victims,” as if that somehow absolves him of his feckless response.

There is a chance that a guy who was barred from the US for drug trafficking (those allegations he denies at least) isn’t also a rapist. Maybe that pushes one too many moralĀ boundariesĀ for him. However, if I were a betting man, I’d put my money on rapist.

I have an even better idea than letting God be the judge. How about we let people be the judge and if there’s compelling evidence they can decide what to do with you? It’s a shame that the odds aren’t in favor of that happening since you’re rich and powerful and this woman doesn’t seem to be, which is an even more pronounced hurdle to overcome in the third world than it is here, but this nonsense obfuscation about letting “God” judge you is pathetic; a meaningless dodge that does little to inspire confidence either in you or in a system in which that seems like a good response to you.