I Guess I Need to See Cloud Atlas

Seriously, I hadn’t even heard of it, but I’m pretty sure I have to see it now.

Who wants to go with me at some unspecified time in the future?

Puppet Dinosaurs and Anime People

For those who weren’t around last year, every October MovieBob turns his Escapist show “The Big Picture” into “Schlocktober,” where he discusses really bad horror films, their origins, and their influence on later works.

Today’s entry, though, is just spectacular in it’s insane awful/awesomeness.

Attack of the Super Monsters is a film about dinosaurs who can control the thoughts of other animals telepathically (and can talk) trying to take over the world. They’re opposed by a group of people in flashy, toy-like vehicles.

Yes, this was made in Japan. Kind of. You’ll have to watch to see what that means.

Most ridiculous of all, though, is that while the dinosaurs are Croft-style puppets, all of the humans are anime-style cartoons.

Since I can’t figure out how to embed anything other than YouTube videos (any help on that would be appreciated, you experienced WordPress people), here’s a link to the video.

When you’re done watching that, take a look at the Iron Man 3 trailer. Looks amazing. My only fear is that they’ll do that thing they do with super hero trilogies where they blow a gigantic plot load to take away everything the hero loves, even the things that we as viewers found iconic but inconsequential, just to up the stakes to impossible heights. They haven’t made a bad film yet, and I love the reference to The Avengers in the trailer, but a bomb of an Iron Man film could put a major crimp in future Marvel movies by reminding studio execs that they are still taking a risk, something they seem to have forgotten.