Comment Policy

I like and appreciate comments, especially ones that disagree with me. However, there are a few rules I expect people to follow.

1. Racist, homophobic, sexist, ablist, etc. language will not be accepted. I don’t care if you mean it ironically, or you’re part of these groups, or you believe free speech means you can use any word you want consequence free. You’re wrong and I won’t deal with it here.

2. Thread derails will not be accepted. I don’t mind if discussions take natural tangents and spiral off, but it’s obvious when you walk in with no purpose other than to rant about your vaguely related pet topic. If I’m discussing sexual harassment policies and you want to talk about the meta issue of whether sexual harassment exists and the prevalence of misandry, you’re an asshole and can find some other platform for your idiot raving.

3. I will ban and delete. And I don’t much care if you traipse around the Internet telling everyone how mean I am. The comments are a place to further explore and study topics and if a few people are ruining that for everyone else, I’ll get rid of them so the rest can speak.

4. It is not my job to make my blog moderation-free. It is not my job to sit around at my computer moderating your comments. If you presume to tell me that my integirty is predicated on whether or not I agree to provide you a platform when you want it, or if you imply through your comments that I am obligated to give you my time, then when I get around to it I will edit your comment to make clear what I feel the subtext is.

That’s it so far. These are subject to change as I learn. Have fun and comment away.

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