What I’ve Been Doing

So, been quiet around here. Sorry about that. Been working a lot. But also been doing a brand new project that has gone live.

If you like what I do here, take a look at Sequentially Yours where I do the same for comic books, only in video format. Two episodes are up, one deep look at comics and social progress and one editorial about Future’s End.

Also, if you like the opening and closing themes, please consider donating even a dollar or two to the artist who is trying to raise enough money for a new single. He’s blind, independent, and awesome in every way. Just a little goes a long way.

Beyond that, please take a look, feel free to like, subscribe, and comment. Also, I will have more of the news and opinions that you love shortly. I haven’t abandoned here, just trying something else that I have wanted to. Also, if any of you have any pull with That Guy With the Glasses, I would really appreciate a good word since I’m submitting to their open auditions.

Thank you, each of my Conversationalists. You’re amazing, as well as the smartest and most attractive people on the Internet. Enjoy!


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