Man Divorced From Reality Running For Sheriff

Mark Kessler, a man who doesn’t let reality get in the way of his simplistic worldview and violent hatred of people not like him, has decided since it’s likely that he will be fired as police chief of Gilberton, PA, that he will run a write in campaign for county sheriff.

The parade of ridiculous is amusing and frightening, like Halloween Horror Nights with fewer strobes, but pay attention to the bolded part from this Facebook post (emphasis mine) :

when your back is against the wall, when the odds are almost impossible to overcome, that my friends is when we the people finally stand up and say , ENOUGH! so all I can say is this!, BRING IT YOU PACK OF SCUM SUCKING SHIT BAG POLITICIANS, i’m not politically correct , damn proud of that I must say! I don’t come with a smile and a bag of bullshit every four or two years, NEVER HAVE NEVER WILL!, I don’t need to suck the so called elected elites ass cracks to run for anything, or get the stamp of approval from the so called elected elites! I’m an AMERICAN, nothing more nothing less, I love my country, I honor our military who honor their oath, I honor all American Patriots, and all those who shed their blood of gave the ultimate sacrifice defending freedom whether on the field of battle or not! as for you scum sucking politicians from the left & right, WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE COMING AND YES WE ARE PISSED OFF! so NOVEMBER 5TH 2013 WRITE IN MARK KESSLER FOR SCHUYLKILL COUNTY SHERIFF, one true american patriot! and lets give this CURRENT thuggery regime here in Schuylkill county & across the nation THE BOOT!

I’m going to do a favor to everyone who has ever claimed not to be politically correct and recommend that you stop making that claim. When you say, “I’m not politically correct,”  you think you’re saying, “I’m a bold warrior for free speech.” What you are actually saying is, “Other people? Who gives a shit about them? Why should they stand in the way of my saying any bizarre or ridiculous thing that comes into my head the moment I think of it and suffer no social consequences for it?”

You see, another phrase that means the same thing as being “politically correct” is “being nice.” If you sincerely believe that there are people who, due to any given difference from you, don’t deserve at least a modicum of respect or kindness as the default behavior, then you should not be proud of that. You should be ashamed and start immediately watching re-runs of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.

People who rail against political correctness either don’t understand what it means, or they’re looking for an excuse to be gigantic assholes and feel morally superior for it. Nobody is buying it, though. You want to be a douche of epic proportions, you go right ahead, but don’t expect me to praise your honesty. If your honest opinion is, like the thoroughly unhinged and armed Kessler that people who disagree with him are “fucking cocksuckers” who ought to be shot, then you are a seriously sick individual and I hope you’ll limit your contact with human beings.

If you reject kindness as some sort of unfair burden on your liberty and attempt to martyr yourself because people didn’t like that you’re a jerk, then it’s time to re-evaluate your behavior. There is nothing noble about being “not politically correct.” It is no more a virtue than being uninformed and claiming that that gives you a completely unbiased perspective. In both cases you are glorifying ignorance.

3 thoughts on “Man Divorced From Reality Running For Sheriff

  1. As someone who’s proud to be honest, that guy is a pompous douche. I’m blunt too, but I refuse to demean people for no reason. Or be provocative for the sake of being provocative. He needs to take a seat somewhere. Great piece of writing here.

  2. I agree with the basic premise of this post but I will point out that the accepted definition of politically correct has changed in my lifetime. When I was growing up, being politically correct meant supporting the political status quo. Anarchists would have been considered very politically incorrect. Bill Maher, flawed though he may be especially in recent years, had a show called Politically Incorrect where his guests included Marilyn Manson talking about the Church of Satan and numerous guests talking about their friendships with Timothy Leary and all the acid they dropped with him. That was politically incorrect. Only now has it come to mean being an asshole in the name of out-moded morals. I mean, who supports the status quo more than the “politically incorrect” MRAs of the world?

    • Going along with your point, we can take any offensive slur or phrase today and trace it back to a time in history when it was considered in the realm of politically correct. The definition is always changing. “So just keep up with the current definition,” one might say. But it’s never that simple because now, everyone has a different idea of what is politically correct. There are people out there who don’t use gender pronouns anymore. There are other people who still call black people “negro” because they were raised to believe that that’s the least offensive term (I’m serious). I try to never offend anyone needlessly, but I’m sure I have opinions (that I’ve voiced before) that many would consider politically incorrect (again, it’s relative). Being politically correct is not nearly as simple as being nice.

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