Town Outdoes Its “Wrong” Quota

TW: sexual assault on a minor, bullying, small town sports culture

You can tell when an author has made an effort with their writing to shock. This is not to say that is their only goal, but the slow, persistent build up of horror is distinctive.

It is with that in mind that I read the following article and my mind kept recoiling from the parade of awful that is this small Colorado town where a 13 year old boy was raped as part of a hazing ritual.

But it doesn’t stop there. It turns out after having objects stuck up his ass against his will, he was the victim of bullying due to the incident.

But it doesn’t stop there, either. After he got tired of the bullying, the boy went to the authorities, and now he and his father, the former principal of the school that serves all 300 students in town have been the subject of harassment for pursuing legal options with the state police because the local ones hardly did anything.


Thus begins my newest post for Queereka. Click over there to read the entire post.

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