Help Out A Friend

Hey guys,

Know I’ve been quiet due to deadlines at work. Have plenty to say as soon as I have a moment to write, but right now I really would love to ask each and every one of your a favor.

My friend JP Corwyn is a professional musician who is within a few votes of winning a contest to have one of his songs close out the season finale of Vampire Diaries on the CW tomorrow. It has been a pitched battle with another person, but it looks like he can pull it out. But today is the last day to vote, and every extra vote counts.

And for you social justice oriented people (like me) out there, he’s also blind, so you have to benefit of not only supporting an amazing musician, but helping somebody with a disability get some recognition for their incredible work. This is win-win.

So take a few second to head over to the Facebook page and just click to vote. Please, guys, help this man out. The artist is JP Corwyn and the song is Free. And if you can, please also spread the word and share this around. It’s the last day, and every vote counts.

I don’t like to ask you guys for stuff, but this is so simple and it could really change the life of somebody who greatly deserves it.


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