Followup to the Religious Right and Science

This is courtesy of PZ today, but since it’s been exactly one day since some moron who’s pretty sure they got it right in the Bronze Age has tried to use the language of science to promote his equally absurd social agenda, here is another who legit doesn’t know how the whole “scientific” enterprise works.

Let’s talk about this one from a professor at Liberty University, since it seems some people took exception to my assertion yesterday at a degree at Liberty shouldn’t actually qualify as “education.”

[Judith] Reisman blames homosexuality on what she calls ‘erototixins,’ which she says are mind-altering chemicals. She stated that these toxins are somehow emitted through pornography.

She cited a lecture that referred to pornography as a ‘visual pheremone.’ The lecture also put forth the idea that these visual pheremones rewire the brain, thus causing the viewer to become gay.

In an attempt to add validity to her argument, Reisman cited a case where these pheremones were used on male Gypsy Moths in order to prevent them from mating with their female counterparts. She states that this somehow correlates to the way watching pornography can make you catch the gay.

With great minds like that on staff, who could doubt the quality of Jerry Falwell’s school?


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