Support Group Went Well

Have a work deadline that I have to focus on today, but I wanted to write a quick note that the bisexual support group I started had its first meeting on Friday and it went really well. We had a decent number of people for our first meeting, which worked. At least three of us wore hats, and you know how much I like hats. We started by discussing how opposite sex interests view bisexuality problematically (i.e. men see bisexual women as basically just a potential threesome, women view bisexual men with suspicion and potential disgust), and the conversation just spiraled from there in a good, do a barrel roll (which is not an Aileron roll) sort of way.

One thing that I am particularly happy about requires a bit of backstory. I started this group with my friend Queen Gene (nickname by request), who is gay but thought through  interactions with me that the community could benefit from a bisexuals group. When we had the organizational meeting with people about a month ago, we actually listed it as a “bisexual/bi-curious” group. Queen Gene was a little unsure about the second part of that, even leading up to the night before the meeting, because he was really afraid that that would encourage people to show up just to look for dates. We discussed it and decided to ask the group their thoughts.

That became unnecessary when we had a new person arrive who actually was there because they are unsure if they are bisexual or gay and showed up because the “bi-curious” bit was appended to the group name on the website! I don’t know if they came to any conclusions from an hour of group discussion, but at the very least that helped bring one person who needed support and guidance, so the name stays.

Had a bit of a clash with the AA people in the main room who apparently think they run the place. No, we won’t move out of the library into the empty room upstairs so you can have “breakout sessions.” You use the empty room upstairs. At the very least the guy backed off when I explained that Queen Gene had one leg amputated and climbing stairs is a bit of a challenge for him. Still, this is the room we were given, and I know your group is huge and has been here for a while, but things change, so learn to deal.

Otherwise, I’m very happy with the results and look forward to the next meeting. 1st and 3rd Fridays, 7:00pm at the Center if you’re in Orlando and interested.

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