Straight Dude Mildly Inconvenienced By Gay Marriage Case Coverage

It seems that Joe Concha, writing for Mediaite, is getting sick and tired of hearing about gay marriage. And who can blame him? I mean, he’s straight, but he can hardly turn on the TV or read Facebook without hearing about homosexuals attempting to secure equal rights. Can you believe how annoying that must be? It’s almost like television, Facebook, and the entire human communication network wasn’t designed to exclusively cater to his entertainment!

Now, I know, this is pure troll bait, but a lot of Concha’s work is and this one can be instructive to people who actually don’t get this.

But when you’re just a small percent of the population (Gallup says 3.4 percent, while the Williams Institute, a think-tank devoted to LGBT research at UCLA, says four percent), why should the issue get such a lopsided amount of news coverage? After all, there are 30 million fantasy sports players who make up nearly ten percent of the country…you don’t see them inundating television and social media with our passion, demanding more attention (and that’s just a benign analogy, but it does make a point).

I am really glad he brought this up, because we are absolutely ignoring the plight of fantasy football players. After all, fantasy football players are currently being barred from full legal marriage rights in most states and federally. In fact, they are prevented from visiting one another in hospitals as well.

Last time I checked, they weren’t considered to have surviving spouses and often had to pay thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes that non fantasy football players don’t have to. But it’s more than that.

As we know, kids that play fantasy football make up forty percent of the homeless population, mostly because they were kicked out of their homes due to their hobby.

In fact, ultra religious people spend much of their time railing against fantasy football players, how immoral they are, often comparing them to pedophiles.

And, of course, it would be a huge moment in history if fantasy football players might actually have one of these many problems addressed by the highest court in the land when, less than a decade ago, nobody could have imagined it possible.

The only “point” Concha makes is that he can’t seem to tell the difference between people who are at risk of being set on fire and people at the risk of boring their friends with their macho alternative to real RPGs.

Ladies and gentlemen : privilege.

Do I even need to explain how minimizing the struggle for LGBT civil rights works directly against them? Concha points out at the beginning that he supports SSM, but in a sort of “it’s not my problem” way. It’s less support than just being too lazy to make an effort, so he’s drawn along by inertia. There are also a couple of other points Concha seems to think he made, but absolutely miss the mark.

Mrs. Clinton just changed her mind about five minutes ago (KN: five minutes, two years, same thing) with an eye on 2016. The flip-flopping is all the rage on both sides of the aisle: For every Joe Biden and Bill Clinton, there’s a Dick Cheney or Rob Portman. On the media side, for every Rachel Maddow and Don Lemon, there’s a Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly. They’re all for same-sex marriage. Even Karl Rove, a big voice in the Republican Party via his megaphone on FOX, also believes the GOP nominee will be an advocate of gay marriage regardless of how the Supreme Court rules on the matter.

“For every”? Really? Every Democratic senator except for eight have explicitly come out in favor of SSM. On the Republican side, we have Rob Portman and…maybe Lisa Murkowski soon? So it’s more like “for every 47 Democratic senators, there is one Rob Portman”. In the House, there is “almost every Democrat” to “Justin Amash, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, and Richard Hanna”. Amash just happened yesterday. Yea, that’s “all the rage” on the right.

O’Reilly isn’t for same-sex marriage, he recognizes that it’s legally a lost cause to fight. Stephen Colbert points out that his “support” comes after years of dire warnings and terrible predictions.

Cheney and Portman also aren’t a great comparison to Biden and Clinton, considering the former two had to actually be related to gay people in order to find it in their hearts to try and extend rights to them, whereas the latter two support it out of a sense of justice.

And seriously, Karl Rove? The guy who came up with running on a platform that involved a marriage amendment in 2004? I mean, yes, Democrats also flipped on this, but the people Concha mentions have not gone out of their way to oppose and demonize the gay community. There is a huge difference there.

Here are some bigger stories from this week you may not be hearing much about: North Korea Cuts Military Hotline with South Korea, Warns of Simmering Nuclear War
Kathleen Sebelius (Health & Human Services Secretary) Warns Some May See Rise in (Health) Insurance Premiums
This Year Food Centers Shelled, Daily Attacks: UN Pulls Half of Staff from Syria (death toll now over 70,000)

I can’t help but wonder by what measure these stories are “bigger”. Do they have more “newsies”? I am sure for a guy who’s life doesn’t hinge on the result of these cases, these other stories probably do seem like they matter more, but they are no more objectively “bigger” than any other story.

Overall, Concha is basically just annoyed that for the first time in his life something isn’t entirely about him and his interests. That must be such a terrible hardship, having to look at all of those articles that he has no interest in and may even actively irritate him!

Maybe the poor lamb should consider stepping away from communication with the outside world for a while, just in case.


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