“So I’m not going to marry one”

Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss is a real peach. He won his seat by attacking the patriotism and service of a triple amputee and Vietnam vet, and has since been making Georgians (of whom I know many) look bad, years before Paul Broun revealed the depths of stupidity one can find if they search hard enough. I was actually in Georgia when he last won re-election, enjoying a Great Big Sea concert in Little Five Points and blissfully unaware that this moron was getting another six years to cause problems.

So when I saw this quote, I was entirely unsurprised. “I’m not gay. So I’m not going to marry one.”

This is exactly the attitude I was discussing yesterday in regards to Rob Portman. Saxby Chambliss has no desire to marry a man, so that means that nobody else can either. If he did, he would first look for a way to make it so that only he could marry men, and reluctantly allow others to if he had to.

The more of that article I read, the more I see the narcissism of Republican lawmakers and cowardliness of red-state Democratic ones. This is especially true of the ones who claim it’s a “state issue” while steadfastly refusing to get rid of DOMA and any federal marriage benefits so that it actually is.

It’s still morning, but I had to share a little facepalming.



One thought on ““So I’m not going to marry one”

  1. The sad part is, it would be so easy to take that EXACT SAME QUOTE and turn it around, in the sense of “if you don’t support gay marriage, it’s ok, you don’t have to get one.”

    If it doesn’t personally matter to your life one way or another, why not let other people be happy? USE YOUR APATHY AS A FORCE FOR GOOD!

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