My Response to the BSA

As many of you know, the Boy Scouts of America are soliciting opinions regarding their policy of banning LGBT scouts and scoutmasters. While I would hope that this should have been obvious, I will extend some credit here. I remain skeptical that the policy will actually change, but I sent in an email to add to their research regardless, hoping that maybe they will listen. You can do so as well by emailing or calling 972-580-2330.

In the meantime, here is what I wrote.


It is heartening to see that the BSA is going to review its policy regarding gay scouts and scoutmasters. I am firmly opposed to discriminating against LGBT people who are involved in scouting and I hope that you take steps to eliminate this discrimination from your program. I also hope that you will consider taking the further step of no longer barring atheists from participating in Scouts. I was briefly a Scout and met my one of my best friends helping him with his Eagle Scout project. I think your organization has much to teach young people. But it cannot do so as long as it makes irrational moral judgments about the worth of some people based on sexual orientation or a lack of belief. I hope that when this period of research ends, you will consider opening your organization fully and instituting a non-discrimination policy that covers both sexual orientation and lack of religious faith, one that cannot be circumvented by local chapters.

Thank you for your time,

Kaoru Negisa


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