Please Stop Getting So Excited

So, remember back when people were all excited because they thought Chick-fil-a was changing its tune on homosexuality and within 24 hours we saw that that was a hoax? But everybody was all excited because, you know, waffle fries and stuff.

Then, the next time I saw people get excited was Chris Christie’s embrace, literal and figurative, of the president following Superstorm Sandy. “Classy move!” they said, praising the New Jersey governor for demonstrating a basic sense of humanity or at least self-interest. I said at the time, and was chided, that he’s still a jerk and the fact that he’s playing nice with a guy who can help get him much needed funds to rebuild his state after a terrible tragedy doesn’t make Christie any less the guy who had just vetoed marriage equality in his state, who yells at teachers when they point out that he doesn’t give a damn about public schools because he doesn’t have kids in them, who has made a name for himself by yelling and screaming at everybody who has the temerity to actually question his policies instead of responding to them rationally.

And now he has vetoed an increase to the state’s minimum wage. He’s sent it back demanding that it be 25 cents an hour less, be phased in over three years and, here’s the kicker, not be tied to inflation. The biggest problem is that any benefit gained from that level of minimum wage will be erased by inflation before the three year phase in actually completes. Essentially, he’s said that working class New Jerseyans need to keep struggling with something not even approaching a living wage.

But he hugged the president! He didn’t say mean things about him! Credit where credit is due!

My liberal friends, I love you, I really do, but stop getting so damn excited every time somebody who appears to be a gigantic asshole acts in a manner marginally representing being a human. Chris Christie is still the same jackwagon he always was, and just because he wasn’t a complete prick when he needed something from Washington doesn’t make that any less true. If he shows a consistent stream of behavior that doesn’t mirror this, then we’ll talk, but stop throwing parades every time a conservative does something that doesn’t make you want to vomit. We don’t give out cookies for acting like a human being.



One thought on “Please Stop Getting So Excited

  1. Sigh. Also it’s just soul-crushing to think you’ve found a decent human being, only to learn later that no, no you haven’t.

    I can still give Christie kudos for putting the needs of his state ahead of partisan politics – yes, it’s his job, but he was getting a lot of pressure from his party to NOT do his job at that particular point in time, and for the sake of his citizens I’m glad he had the integrity to stand up for them. But integrity is like loyalty – it’s a fine thing in its own right, but to really be worth something it has to be tied to a person or cause or belief that’s worthwhile. Loyalty to a bad cause is still bad. When what you’re trying to do will hurt people, it might be a time to demonstrate a little less integrity and a little more compromise…

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