O’Reilly: Gays Started the War on Christmas

Yea, that’s what BIll and his noxious guest had to say. Their insane “War on Christmas” marketing gimmick is actually a result of “abortion and the gay rights agenda, because Christianity is against those things.”

I’m actually in no way surprised by this. Not just because Bill O’Reilly is an awful person who will do or say any stupid thing for a buck, but because this is the trajectory of the religious right and their messaging. As they become more tribalistic, more obsessed with purity, all disagreements start to filter back to their primary shibboleth. Everything they disagree with has to be a direct attack on their primary beliefs, partially because understanding complex social interactions isn’t really something conservatives do, but partially because linking every disagreement to the one thing, faith, that we’ve agreed cannot be touched without being considered rude, it makes all arguments into an unforgivable faux pas, which is then an excuse to dismiss them. It’s nothing but a silencing technique, no different than my saying that because an atheist wrote Firefly, then you can’t say that it isn’t the greatest show ever made (it is) because that denigrates atheists.

Although, if it’s the case that Christianity is just a philosophy, not a religion, then defend it on its merits and explain why should it matter if it goes away. Philosophies disappear and are replaced all the time, after all.


One thought on “O’Reilly: Gays Started the War on Christmas

  1. Waitwaitwaitwait.


    ..ok. Ok, wait.

    But… but I love Christmas! It’s my holiday! And I’m (obv) in favor of gay rights…

    Am… am I doing it wrong? Should I feel bad now, for failing to live up to what Bill thinks an activist should be??!

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