I Used to Make Fun of This Guy!

I’m obviously catching up on things today from several days of looking for work punctuated by almost crippling depression and/or headaches, but I just saw this video, which it itself almost a year old, on Friendly Atheist and my first thought was, “Hey, I know that preacher!”

You see, I’m a UCF alum and Brother Micah was the first fire and brimstone preacher I really cut my teeth on (rhetorically). Mind you, this was before I was an atheist (it was in my touchy-feeling “spiritual” phase where I was a Practitioner of Falun Gong on that very spot twice a week), but even then I could see the incredible flaws in his idiotic ravings.

Now I wish I had stripped down to my boxers in front of the guy. That was kind of brilliant.

I don’t know if he’s still on campus. I suspect so. The guy was deterred by nothing, and he has endured years of derision and laughter at his expense. Which is how it should be when you spend your days telling everybody how wicked they are because you read it in a book. Brother Micah is a clown or a masochist or both, and I don’t see a downside to people treating him like the joke he is, since it also makes him feel self-righteous. I call that a win-win.


6 thoughts on “I Used to Make Fun of This Guy!

    • It only makes sense. Maybe it was the naked hot guy + Brother Micah = too much man for sensitive lady brains? The guy once argued, to me, that violence exists because people other than god’s chosen people are still alive. The psych department is housed in the building you can see in the background (with the archway). I suspect they’re making huge advances in understanding how cognitive dissonance works.

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