How Do You Make Action Figures?

Seriously. I want to know how these scientist action figures can actually be made, because I would collect the hell out of them. For now they’re only Photoshopped images based on TNG and DS9 figures, but wouldn’t it be so damn cool to actually have them?

You could have a Manhattan Project reunion. You could stage your own Cosmos mash-up between Carl Sagan and Neil deGrasse Tyson where they edit their versions together. The atheists can snub Stephen Jay Gould for coming up with NOMA. And, best idea of all: Scientist Yacht Party hosted by Jacques Cousteau.

Anyway, this is just me dreaming a bit. What would you guys do with scientist action figures?

1 thought on “How Do You Make Action Figures?

  1. Dude. This needs to be a Kickstarter. Like, now. Seriously, get in touch with whoever made these images, talk to a toy company, and start up a fundraiser. I am not even joking.

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