Take a Moment for Our Trans* Friends

Today is Transgender Day of Remembrance. I don’t have a whole lot to say about this that hasn’t been said better elsewhere. It’s not even a situation where there is a “side” I can advocate for, since the opposition to my argument is so far outside of the bounds of human decency that it would seem paltry to even try.

This is where I most recognize my privilege in being bi, but cisgender. It’s easy for me to blend in in society and, if I feel like I’m in danger, I can hide. I generally don’t, but the option remains. Many of our trans* loved ones don’t have that option, which is made worse by there being more violence against trans* people last year than any year previous. In the death throes of the right, it is the often overlooked T in LGBT that is getting a lot of the backlash. This is especially true of transwomen of color.

Today, take a moment to realize that we still live in a world where trying to be the person that you are can get you killed. Where legislators are obsessed with the idea that trans* people are only dressing that way to rape cis women in bathrooms. Where students’s lives are debated in a democratic process. Where even so-called “liberal” news outlets treat the gender non-conforming as curiosities.

Where not being killed gets you arrested.

Joe Biden recently called trans* rights the “civil rights issue of our time.” Looking at the Memorial Page, I cannot help but agree, for their sake.


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