Teacher Accused of Making Student Gay

There are not enough desks in the world for me to smash my head into reading this story. It’s worse that this is in the general area that I grew up. I know people who went to this school. I competed against this school in band competitions. These are my people.

Essentially, a teacher, Juliet Hibbs, was investigated last year by the district for accusations that she somehow contributed to a young girl in her class becoming a lesbian and not going home to her abusive parents (the girl was 18). She was eventually cleared of all “charges” (I would have asked that they clear me of contributing to the girl’s hair color and height as well, just in case), but the accusations had a negative effect on her career and health and she is on medical leave now.

The parents told investigators they were upset that Hibbs had not told them about their daughter’s orientation. They accused her of possibly contributing to their daughter being gay and believed Hibbs had told the girl to not come home.

The parents are idiots. It’s fairly obvious the parents are idiots. They should have been laughed off of campus if they arrived saying that they think it’s incumbent on a teacher to disclose their child’s sexual orientation (even if she knew about it) or that they think that teacher somehow made their child gay. The only somewhat not laughable claim seems to be that the teacher told the girl to not go home, but only because they could have answered, “No, she didn’t” and moved on. Regardless, an 18 year old has every right to go or not go where they please, and I wouldn’t go home either if my step-father took to Twitter to tell me how rotten I was for being queer.

The underlying aspect of this story is that the principle, Jon Marlow, should have handled this in the school or asked some questions before kicking it up to the county for a formal investigation. Since he refuses to comment, we’re left only with Hibbs who says Marlow has been looking for an excuse to screw with her, and the six teachers who had complained about him mistreating them over the summer, so things don’t look good here.

Either way, I expect more out of south Floridians, especially very liberal Broward County. It’s the first county in the nation with an official recognition of LGBT history month. We shouldn’t have to hear about teachers who have suffered, even if they were true, from rumors about helping a gay student deal with abusive parents.


3 thoughts on “Teacher Accused of Making Student Gay

    • Not wanting to accept blame makes people accuse others of the stupidest stuff. Their daughter couldn’t have possibly not wanted to go home to avoid having to deal with being told to her face how terrible she was! No, it was clearly the teacher who made her gay!

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