Thank You Ever So Much

I just wanted to share something with everybody. Yesterday was the best day this blog has ever seen, posting numbers that may be small and old hat for a lot of bloggers, but for an otherwise shy guy who’s previous claim to fame was great hair, it knocked me back that so many people felt my stuff was worth reading.

It also helped knowing that so many shared my rage regarding Savita and what happened to her. It reminds me that we live in a world full of people who view justice as something worth pursuing, and life as the possession of those who are alive.

For those who are new, welcome to Reasonable Conversation. You have joined the ranks of the smartest, most attractive people on the internet, so congratulations on that. I hope you’ll enjoy future posts. I encourage comments (see the Comment Policy), like feedback, appreciate tips on topics to write about, and am looking for us all to learn from one another.

Beyond that, just going to leave this screenshot of what you guys did yesterday. This is totally on all of you, and I cannot in words express the deep gratitude I have for your brief attention.

These were my stats from yesterday. 630 views! That's...humbling.

My previous best day was 154 views. This blew that day away. Thank you.

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