Carl Sagan Day

It’s been really depressing around here lately. I partially blame being sick, but the rest is just that I’m getting a little battle fatigued and need a weekend of folk music and sword fighting to perk me back up.

Today is Carl Sagan Day! In celebration of the birthday of a great man and thinker, the Center for Inquiry is encouraging people to go study the universe tonight, especially if you have a CFI branch nearby that will be doing a party.

I wish I could be spending this at Skepticon, but instead I get to spend the night under the stars with my friends and loved ones in the SCA, so still very awesome. Maybe I’ll see if I can identify some of the stars and patterns Tycho Brahe noticed and were made sense of by Kepler.

Also, go take a look at Starts With a Bang for a really great article on how every galaxy will continue to make new stars for trillions of years, even our own, which will then take billions of years to burn out. Not only is the science fascinating, Ethan always posts the best pictures to go with it.

So keep your eyes on the stars tonight. And remember these words from Sagan, “For small creatures such as we the vastness is bearable only through love“.

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