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Facebook and Twitter I’ve got a pretty good handle on, but I’ve had a Tumblr that’s gone nowhere for a few months now and just signed up to Reddit today. So I put it out to you, my loyal and remarkable readers: How do I handle these sites?

Tumblr, I’ve gathered, has a highly developed culture of its own. How does one break into that culture? Are there rules to follow? Things I should know other than to use a lot more animated gifs and reblog?

Reddit…yea. This seems like the deep end fight club of social networks. Any subreddits that people suggest? Obviously /r/atheism, /r/lgbt, and /r/feminism, but any others that would be a good place to get material to write about and talk about this blog? Any suggestions on how to approach things?

I want to get the most out of both networks and contribute in their way, so I could use a little guidance.

9 thoughts on “Reddit and Tumblr

  1. If I figure out Reddit, I’ll let you know. I’m trying to use it to promote my blog, but I don’t understand what the rules are about commenting and how many upvotes you need to post stuff. Too much work! But if you crack the code, please write a post on it!

  2. Reddit is totally beyond comprehension. tumblr is easier for me. Type a tag into the search bar, and start to scroll. k takes you down a post, j up a post, and Alt+(click reblog) does an automatic reblog without taking you to the editing/commenting screen.

    Follow people. Unfollow people. Commit time to random discussions about anything from whether or not the Wonder Twins could take out Stony (my money’s on Stony) and whether it would make a difference if they were bronies.

    Queue posts, so stuff shows up throughout the day, or people will forget you exist.

    And, every once in a while, add something of your very own. Let people ask you questions, and answer them. Make sure and tag your posts (they’ll show up on searches that way, and you’ll get page views). Most important, be yourself.

    • That’s really helpful, thank you. I think especially the tagging will be helpful, and I need to sit down with Tumblr and really work that out. Also, getting involved in other conversations, which I’ve started to do but requires more time.

      *sigh* I wish I had more time to work on the internet at this stuff all day. Maybe one day I’ll be like JT or Greta and get to be a full time writer.

  3. You might like some of these subreddits: /r/Antitheism, /r/atheismplus, /r/Atraxi, /r/BlackAtheism, /r/DebateAnAtheist, /r/Freethought, /r/GodlessWomen, /r/humanism, /r/psychology, /r/skeptic, /r/SRSDiscussion, and /r/SRSSkeptic.

    I don’t think anyone at /r/atheismplus will jump down your throat if you use a low-karma account to post blog entries there from time to time, as long as you limit it to your highest-quality, most relevant stuff. There’s a cadre of trolls that downvotes everything at that’s posted there, so don’t worry if you get a few downvotes–the regular readers will vote your post back up if it’s good.

      • There’s link karma and comment karma. You get link karma for upvotes on any new threads you start, and comment karma for upvotes on comments you make within threads. Karma-subtracting downvotes can go into negative numbers on comments, but can only go as low as zero on threads. Your karma is not displayed unless someone clicks your username, though, so it’s not something the majority of people will use to decide whether or not to read your threads.

        You shouldn’t need a moderator’s permission to post. Just check the rules of the subreddit you want to post to, (usually listed on the right side of the page) and as long as your post doesn’t break those rules you should be fine. You can find more general information here:

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