NdeGT Locates Krypton

This was too cool not to share. It seems that DC Comics hired Neil deGrasse Tyson to locate a physical place for where the doomed planet of Krypton might have been based on information given in the comics. Of course, most of that was made up and probably inconsistent, but the Astrophysicist of Awesome bent his brain to the task and found a place for Krypton to have been, officially.

Apparently, it once orbited the red dwarf star LHS 2520 in the Corvus Constellation. The color of the light was obviously important, as well as the distance (27.1 light years) and several other factors that NdeGT took into account.

Now that he’s done that, perhaps Disney can hire him to determine exactly which galaxy far, far away the Galactic Empire ruled. And if it was a long enough time ago that light from the two suns that once shone on a despondent farmboy unaware of his destiny will have reached us.


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