Post-Halloween Wrapup

There are a number of things to discuss this All Saints Day. The first is that we have once again passed through All Hallows Eve and nobody anywhere was molested or possessed by demons, despite dire warnings to the contrary. Because they don’t exist. Now those particular signs will have to be put away for an entire year.

Time to get this boy geared up for the War on Christmas

Now that it’s the day after the big festivities, you may be tempted to treat some of your female friends like shit because you don’t approve of how revealing their costume was last night. In case you didn’t see my thoughts yesterday, here’s Laci Green to set you straight on this subject. I don’t want to hear any slut-shaming, got it?

Ok, so the number of things was “2”. I’m cold and Halloween isn’t really my holiday (I’m a Thanksgiving man). But these are important things to remember: demons didn’t possess anybody, and slut-shaming sucks so don’t do it.


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