The hash tag #SignsYoSonIsGay started trending today, with the predictable homophobic bullshit and violent imagery. But then something magical happened.

Go take a look at some of the better ones. My favorite is from Adam Lee of Daylight Atheism, which you can see near the bottom.

This is the best hashtag crash since that time we crashed the #FTBullies tag. Think I might add a few of my own.

He’s better than ignorant douchebags at everything #SignsYoSonIsGay

More people support him now than did only five years ago, and the number is growing #SignsYoSonIsGay

He either does or does not like Broadway musicals #SignsYoSonIsGay

He can actually watch as more and more places recognize his equality under the law #SignsYoSonIsGay

He has a boyfriend that you think is pretty damn awesome #SignsYoSonIsGay


2 thoughts on “#SignsTheInternetIsAwesome

  1. Hahahahahaha!

    ” Christopher @coocaro #SignsYoSonIsGay You find feathers frequently in his room as he begins to molt. He may also gather branches and other debris to build a nest”

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