Voting for Darwin

In response to Rep. Paul Broun, who very recently demonstrated that his party’s contempt for the poor is matched only by their contempt for knowledge, running unopposed for his Georgia congressional seat, an idea has been catching a lot of attention.

The idea is simple: write in Charles Darwin. Now, obviously Darwin can’t be a congressman, having both integrity and an incurable case of death, but it would certainly send some sort of message. I’m not sure what message it would send, though.

The popular consensus is that it would at least demonstrate that the people in Broun’s district, and Republicans in general, are not, as conservative pundit Neal Boortz put it, “…knee-dragging, still-tending, tobacco-spitting Neanderthals.” I would argue that while they aren’t all, the party does attract knee-dragging, still-tending, tobacco-spitting Neanderthals for some reason and they ought to look into that. The Sensuous Curmudgeon points us to an editorial that makes largely the same argument, but also that, “…a significant number of votes for Darwin could signal to a more mainstream Republican somewhere in the district that a successful run against Broun two years from now might be plausible.” If that Republican survives the purge of moderates, do you really think they’ll poke their head up to defend science?

So, late in the game, the seat gets contended by an English naturalist. And I think the choice is clear. One is a racist old white dude with kooky ideas and knowledge that doesn’t reach past the Victorian period, and the other developed the theory of evolution through natural selection (I know, cheap shot, but I had to). Also, Darwin has much more trustworthy facial hair. But mostly, it would be amusing though ineffective, because if we think that Paul Broun is going to change his opinions or the GOP will remove him from the Science Committee, even if it’s a 49-51 squeaker  then we’re even more delusional than he is.

Still, if you happen to be in Broun’s district or know somebody who is, consider writing in Darwin. You lose nothing, and it would be entertaining at the very least.


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