Hilarious Bogus Obama “Birth” Tape

I want to just laugh at this. I mean seriously laugh and laugh at the dumb Birthers and their hilarious attempt to create a video of “Obama’s real birth” in someplace that is supposed to be Kenya. With a flag that didn’t exist in 1961 as we are assured by the focus on a calendar, all recorded on film that wouldn’t exist for three years.

Ok, at risk of violating PZ’s request that we stop referring to things as Poes unless it’s pointed out as one, the interview with “Peter R” makes it pretty clear that this is not a real attempt at creating a video to perpetuate this conspiracy. But all this needs is to hit Drudge with the video and a headline like “Obama Birth Video Found? ” for every moron on your friends list to start saying “See? See?”

This comes courtesy of Dave Weigel who reminds us that when a headline ends in a question mark, the answer is probably “no.”


2 thoughts on “Hilarious Bogus Obama “Birth” Tape

  1. Remember that – in a survey from last year – 45% of voting Republicans believe that Obama was born in another country. That’s just batshit insanity (wrapped around willful ignorance) that is used to justify their hatred of the president. It’s not surprising, therefore, that you’d likely get people falling for this crap and holding it up as real evidence. Bah.

    • Pretty much. I can almost see what PZ is saying about not claiming everything insane as a Poe immediately because it makes us more likely to dismiss actually dangerous lies. I’ve known far too many people who are so desperate to have a valid reason to hate the president that they grasp at any straw so they don’t have to feel like jerks for having no other reason.

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