Log Cabin Republicans Are Hopelessly Deluded

Talking Points Memo begins their piece on the Log Cabin Republicans and what might have compelled them to support the surprisingly consistently anti-gay Romney with, “After the Log Cabin Republicans’ disappointing endorsement of Mitt Romney yesterday, media outlets speculated as to what would inspire them to abandon their principles in such a way.”

And I started laughing so very hard.

Log Cabin Republicans? Principles? When did that ever happen?

Seriously, much like my complaint with GOProud, LCR is not a gay rights group. It’s a group of conservatives that happen to be gay. It’s a social club and a way for the GOP to pretend it isn’t dedicated wholeheartedly to homophobia. But let’s not pretend that this endorsement is in any way surprising, even if they didn’t endorse Mitt Romney during the 2008 primary (which is a meaningless comparison because they didn’t endorse a lot of people in the primary, but they did endorse McCain who is no more pro-gay than Romney).

The worst part is how they’re trying to pretend that they really, really believe that Mitt Romney, if he were in office, would try to make some strides on workplace discrimination laws. LCR executive direct R. Clarke Cooper claimed that he thinks that a Romney administration would be willing to work with them on that. Which makes R. Clarke Cooper either a really bad liar or the most gullible man in Washington.

Listen, I get the idea that conservatives are people and they can be convinced not to be horrendous bigots. I know several conservatives who are strong LGBT allies, just not in the voting booth. And that’s the problem.

Ted Olson, a conservative straight ally who has done more for the LGBT community than LCR and GOProud combined, genuinely believes that he can eventually swing the conservative movement and the Republican party over to supporting gay rights issues. I have a lot of respect for the man, much more than I do R. Clarke Cooper, but let’s be realistic here: that will never happen so long as the religious right owns the party. Individuals may swing over, yes, but in a political system that is hopelessly tribalistic, most GOP voters simply don’t care enough to prioritize the lives and livelihoods of their LGBT friends and family over the (R) behind a name and vague assurances of “freedom” and “small government” and other such brand words that have little bearing and policy and reality.

The fact of the matter is, even if Mitt Romney would be willing to entertain the notion of some employment nondiscrimination laws, it will never come to his desk because it wouldn’t be brought up in a GOP-led House and would be filibustered in the Senate. The very notion that you can work with a party on issues so very opposed to their ruling mythology is laughable at best, but the idea that the guy who can’t keep the same opinion on any subject for more than a week or so and yet somehow has managed to actually discriminate against gay employees would be willing to do anything LCR wants even in the most roundabout way stops being funny and becomes just sad. Very, very sad.

LCR are deluding themselves, as per usual, and justifying it by trying to tell the gay community that we shouldn’t care about our rights, that they aren’t important. And all I can feel is a profound sense of pity for people who have so little pride in themselves and their community.


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