Catholic Group Pretends a Lot of Doctors Agree With Them

The remarkably dishonest and dangerous website 1Flesh, which tries to convince people to not use contraception and excels at distorting actual information to fit their beliefs (see the link above for examples), has released a letter from doctors who support their assertion that contraception is very, very bad for you and humans in general.

The problem with their letter, other than that the doctors listed are a tiny, tiny minority of doctors, the majority of which think that contraception is an exceptionally good thing for a number of reasons (por ejemplo), is that all of the doctors listed seem to prioritize their Catholicism over their obligation to heal the sick.

Again, follow the link (the second one, this time) for quotes from the biographies of many of these doctors, but what I noticed is that a lot of them say that they want to remain Roman Catholics at work just like they are at home and church. Which, to be honest, is fine, but I see it as like being a wizard in a jet plane. You can wear whatever robes you want and perform whatever rituals you think work, but if you want the plane to actually stay in the air, you have to operate it with the controls, not with magic spells. If you try and keep it aloft with chanting and burning incense, people will get hurt.

This also gets to the heart of one of the problems I have with sites like this or with creationist literature. They’re clearly trying to push their faith, which I honestly have no problem with, but they’re doing it by distorting actual fact so they can pretend its science. That annoys me that people who spend all of their time denigrating science and its conclusions do their best to masquerade as it because they realize that people, by and large, have more reason to trust in the results attained that way. It’s a grotesque parody, no more like real science than a Hallmark card is like The Wasteland.


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