Young Girl Dresses As Historical Figure/Character Every Day for School

I love adding to my Kids Being Awesome tag, and Stella Ehrhart certainly deserves a place there. This 3rd grader has, since the second day of 2nd grade, gone to school every day dressed as a different person from history, either real or fictional. She gets a lot of her ideas out of a book she has, 100 Most Important Women of the 20th Century. This is entirely her idea and her parents don’t have any influence on who she chooses, which just makes it that much more interesting.

Turns out her teachers have used her outfits as parts of lessons, as well.

Go read the whole article to get an idea of how clever this girl is. My favorite is that last Halloween she didn’t go as a person, but rather wore a cardboard cutout decorated to look like her teacher’s car. Though the attitude she puts into the Billie Holiday outfit in the picture might also make it a favorite.

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