UK Politician Encourages Vigilante Action Against Gay Couple

If there’s a man cruising for a Human Excommunication, it’s Nick Griffin, leader of the British National Party and member of the European Parliament for North West England.

Background: a gay couple recently won a discrimination court case in Reading for when a B&B refused to book them in a room together because the owner is a Christian and that means she’s ethically obligated to make everybody live by her morality.

Griffin, incensed, tweeted the following: “A British Justice team will come up to [their Huntington address] & give you [Black and Morgan] a … bit of drama by way of reminding you that an English couple’s home is their castle. Say No to heterophobia!”

First thing’s first. If anybody you know tries to re-appropriate terms about the oppression of minorities by using their opposite (e.g. heterophobia, reverse racism, misandry, etc.), suggesting that somehow powerful majorities are being oppressed because they don’t absolutely get their way all the time about everything, they’re probably an asshole. Nick Griffin, for example, is an asshole.

He then followed up with, “Why don’t left & gay activists confront Muslims instead of picking on meek & forgiving Christians? Bullies are always cowards!”

Fuck off, scumbag. We confront Muslims regularly. Here’s an example right from Reading. In this case, though, it wasn’t a Muslim that denied a couple the ability to share a bed, it was a meek and mild Christian. Those of us who actually like people stand up to all injustice when we see it.

Also, more on this “bullying” nonsense. You’re not bullied because you can’t force people to live by your, let’s face it, arbitrary standards. Again, you’re trying to reverse the script and it just makes you look like more of a jackwagon.

The article goes a little bit at the end into the court case that started it all. The most hilarious line from the woman who lost the case was, “Equality laws have gone too far when they start to intrude into a family home.” She doesn’t seem to understand that when you open up your “family home” to others and sell them rooms for defined periods of time in exchange for money, it becomes a business and is therefore subject to the laws governing a business. If she wants to deny anybody access to her home at any time, she is within her rights to do so, so long as she is not otherwise making it a public accommodation. But businesses are not allowed to discriminate against classes of people, regardless of whatever faith you happen to ascribe to. Trying to paint her bed and breakfast business as a “family home,” implying that she doesn’t advertise to the public to give her money to stay there, is remarkably dishonest.

But it still pales in comparison to telling angry and potentially violent people where the object of their rage lives. That’s a sort of vile inhumanity that transcends mere ignorance.


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