How Many Lives Has the Paul Ryan Photo Op Cost?

No, seriously, it’s an important question.

You see, since that photo op came out and the person who ran the soup kitchen said that they like to stay non-partisan and Ryan put them at risk by coming in and washing clean pots to prove how much he likes poor people, the kitchen has started losing donors. On top of that, they’re also receiving a torrent of abuse from conservatives who are calling and leaving nasty Facebook messages.

How dare somebody not side with them and remain neutral! How dare he try to feed people who are hungry! What nerve, not spending his time fighting gay people and contraception, like a real American!

But I think the really important question is, “How many people who would otherwise have a meal will now starve to death because of this?” How many of those people will be children?

Paul Ryan lost absolutely nothing other than a little bit of pride and dignity, neither of which I’m convinced he ever really had. However, real human beings have been sentenced to a slow, painful death because some prick running for vice president decided it was easier to pretend to give a shit about people who are struggling rather than actually doing something about it.

And the sad part? Paul Ryan will continue along his day never thinking about that. People will have no choice but to think of Paul Ryan and how his callous and cynical stunt may kill them or their family, but he will keep living in his privileged little bubble, not knowing or caring that he caused people to suffer and die as surely as if he thrust in the knife himself.


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