Schlep Labs With Hilarious Political Satire

Satire is my favorite way to address any serious topic. As much as I write rambling, erudite pieces (just go with me on this) about this or that topic, I would much rather be making a joke out of it.

Which is why I love the new videos from Schlep Labs, a part of the Jewish Council for Education & Research, in a series called “Actually…” Essentially, they satirize ridiculous opinions with celebrity-ish comedians.

For example, the first was Rosie Perez responding to Mitt Romney’s comment that if he were Hispanic, he’d have an easier time of becoming president. As a side note, I agree, but only because if he were Hispanic he wouldn’t have so many policies that show how much he doesn’t give a damn about them.

The latest one is hysterical, though. F*ck Science. For the record, NSFW.

Watch these when you get a shot.


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