D’sousa Joins Long Line of Evangelical Hypocrites

Dinesh D’Sousa is probably one of the more patently dishonest men in the world. He has hardly said a true thing in public other than his name since it became profitable for him to do so. He’s a master debator, but only in the sense that he surreptitiously changes the meaning of words in the middle of sentences and has perfected the Gish Gallop to an artform. His lectures are the stuff of legend for those of us who love to identify logical fallacies.

Oh, and it turns out that he’s engaged while still being married.

As many have pointed out before me, under normal circumstances that’s not really anybody’s business. But D’sousa makes tens of thousands of dollars per event to tell people how wrong same-sex marriage is and tout the “sanctity” of marriage.

He claims that the article that outted him made up quotes, or their source did, and that this is really about revenge. He also says that he didn’t know Christians would have a problem with a person being engaged while still being married.

That last bit confuses me. Even if he was somehow completely unaware that the circle of people he travels in is basically a jackel’s nest waiting to pounce on any deviation from orthodoxy in a sad attempt to bolster their empty and pathetic egos, which is possible since he’s done that a number of times himself, isn’t he aware that no divorce is permitted by his holy book at all? I mean, that’s not some made up thing by Paul or an interpretation later, that’s the words of the Big Guy Himself. I mean, I’m sorry about being estranged from your wife for two years, but I didn’t make the rules.

Seeing him flail is amusing, to say the least. But, of course, he’s a big name in religious right circles. He made a movie full of secret truths about Obama that are being kept secret by vast conspiracies of liberal media types. They’ve already sunk a lot of money into the guy. He’ll be fine, they’ll blame this on Marxists or something, and then we’ll all move on with our lives. But for a brief moment, it’s nice to see such a patently awful human being having to deal with a consequence or two.

And now, for laughs, D’sousa being pwned by Hitchens in one of the many debates that Hitch made him look like an idiot.

Update: D’souza has resigned from his position at King’s College where he’s technically been president all along, which, as Ed Brayton points out, must have been difficult to do when he’s been spending all of his time creating and promoting his ridiculous book/movie. At least now he can be with his mistress who opposes women’s suffrage because, you guessed it, bitches be crazy and god says men make decisions.

Also, more fun, Fred Clark points out why it’s a bit silly that the racism, homophobia, and misogyny (what fundamentalists call “God’s Truth”) that he’s been peddling for years never seemed to bother evangelicals, but the possibility that me may have slept in the same room with a woman to whom he wasn’t married is right out.


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