New GameOverthinker: Ask Ivan

I love, love, love Game Overthinker. It’s my favorite web video series, not only for the really smart commentary on video games and video game culture, but I’ve grown to love the corny plot segments that really do a fantastic job of mocking and satirizing that same culture.

The Game Overthinker

In this episode, we have a mailbag that’s probably their best so far, answered by Ivan the Intern. Things to watch out for: how many times Ivan is asked his favorite pony, the note perfect parody of hardcore gamers in the Robothinker, Ivan’s answer to “What’s with you and Tinkerbell?”, the difference between censorship and vocally disliking something at the 11:06 mark.

Most especially, watch the extended commentary beginning at 12:30 about why a girl Link would actually be a fantastic idea. There’s nothing particularly masculine about Link, he’s relatively gender-neutral to feminine in design, and there’s no reason why Zelda can’t remain a woman in this version. And no, that isn’t me saying that Princess Zelda should have a lesbian love affair with the legendary hero of Hyrule. As Ivan points out (among other things, so watch it), in most versions of Zelda, the two of them are just friends, barely know one another, and were even related in A Link to the Past. We just have it in our heads that they must be a couple.

Anyway, just watch it. If you’re new to the series, scroll for a quick “The Story Thus Far” summary for the plot bits before and after the analysis. I won’t do this every time (maybe I’ll just link back) and while you can skip the plot bits, I recommend watching them since they’re fun.

The Game Overthinker (Bob Chipman) is a hero that stands between the world of games and our world. The barrier between them is weakening, letting video game creatures through. For the most part, there’s small things like Goombas or throw away ninjas, but occasionally a real threat passes through. First came the Anti-thinker, a douchebag who tried to take over the Overthinker’s show. Then came the Pyrothinker and Cryothinker, two ninjas who burned down arcades all over the city. Bob defeated all of them, and started gathering colored crystals that seemed to be fueling their powers, each with a different prime element magic.

In the ruins of one of the burned arcades was found the Retrothinker, a guy who loved video games and cryogenically froze himself so he could see how amazing video games of the future would be. Disappointed by the flood of Call of Duty clones and Zynga games, he was transported to another dimension where a mysterious figure imparted to him a colored crystal that turned him into the Necrothinker and gave him the ability to raise video game zombies (characters that nobody remembers any more). Bob defeated him, too, and Retrothinker has now moved in.

At the beginning of this arc, the Anti-thinker returned, only to be handily defeated by the Omegathinker, a man from the future named Clogs Shoes who tells Bob about the appearance of the Robothinker and subsequent destruction of the Earth. Clogs then warns Bob not to get involved, as the Robothinker will kill him.

Beyond that, the police commissioner is a rabbit (Commissioner Bunifacio, but often called “Commissioner Bunnyface”) and the ambiguous Senator Lieberson, our first Ninja-American Senator, has been making frequent appearances.

Ok, now go watch them all. Leave comments about things you enjoyed or want to discuss in more detail.


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