More Affirmative Action Whining

Listen, not looking to debate the merits of Affirmative Action in this post. I’ll write another post about it another time. What I am looking to do is talk about the whining that surrounds it.

Let’s discuss Abigail Fisher, a 22-year-old who is going before the Supreme Court to argue that she didn’t get into the University of Texas because Affirmative Action gave her place to somebody else.

The problem is that Ms. Fisher was not a very good student. She wanted to get into UT, which automatically accepts the top 10th percentile of every high school in Texas. She graduated 82nd of 674, which puts her in the top 12th percentile, which is not good enough. She had a 3.59 GPA, which isn’t terrible, but also not great for a really prestigious school like UT. She only scored an 1180 on her SATs, which is below the average for the school.

Her academics were not up to snuff, period. I’m not saying she’s stupid, but she was barely above average and while that’s fine for some schools, it’s not for a big school like UT. I find it endlessly depressing that when mediocre white people don’t get what they want, they immediate jump to blaming Affirmative Action rather than their own mediocrity.

Ms. Fisher may be suffering under the illusion that she did well in high school, and by some measures she did, but her performance is simply not up to UT standards, and reflexively blaming minority students only makes her look like that much more of a whiner.

If the problem with Affirmative Action is, as I’m continually told, that it grants special place to race regardless of merit (it doesn’t, but that’s another post), then when somebody clearly doesn’t merit a spot, shouldn’t they accept that merit was the deciding factor? It’s not like Ms. Fisher doesn’t know her grades, and if she’s been dreaming of going to UT since the 2nd grade as she claims, shouldn’t she know she doesn’t meet their standards?


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