Studies in Hypocrisy

I want to look at two people here, both of which are hypocrites.

The first is James Henderson, recently fired attorney for the American Center for Law & Justice, Pat Robertson’s organization designed to undermine everything in its title. The ACLJ basically is the conservative ACLU (notice how the acronyms are similar? That’s not an accident) and represent people who think that it’s illegal not to let them preach to kids in public schools, for example.

Henderson, husband and father of eight, was fired because he was involved in two affairs. With men, of course. If he were sleeping with women, he’d still have a job.

What strikes me, though, about this story is that

According to the two bloggers, Henderson used a Facebook account to communicate with the two men. Conversations obtained and published by the two websites indicate that Henderson may have provided the younger men, who appear to be possibly younger than 21, with alcohol and marijuana.

You know, healthy, out gay/bisexual men don’t need to troll Facebook for potentially underaged twinks to give alcohol and marijuana to in order to fuck them. And healthy, out poly men don’t have to do so behind their wife’s back.

Next we have Scott DesJarlis. This Tennessee (did we forget that Tennessee is one of the worst places on Earth?) Republican (duh) congressman is a former medical doctor who is very, very pro-life and very, very Christian.

Also cheated on his wife numerous times and pressured one of his mistresses (most were also his patients) into…wait for it…having an abortion. You know “abortion”? That thing that DesJarlis wants to make sure nobody else can have? I’m sure his is the only moral one.

You’ll also notice that he doesn’t deny the transcript of the call, just claims that it’s partisan to point out that he’s a hypocritical scumbag. Like it’s his opponent’s fault that he took advantage of his position of trust to sleep with patients behind his wife’s back (there’s that again) and then pressured one of them to do something that he’s made a career on by denouncing as murder.

Again, I point out that healthy, pro-choice people don’t have to worry about forcing people to have abortions or that it’ll come out later that they were involved in one. They can have a rational, adult conversation about what to do together.

It’s not like these guys don’t do the things they pretend to hate so much. They just get off on self-righteousness. The problem is that other people get hurt when it inevitably blows up. Being honest, open, and rational may not stop all pain, but it significantly reduces the chances and severity of it.


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