Details Straight from the Pit of Hell

Yea, I know, late in the day to start writing. Been busy over here. But I have something awesome for you.

I’ve officially added “Starts with a Bang!” to my already overloaded blog reading. First there was this amazing post about details from long exposure on apparently “empty” portions of space, then there’s this incredible response to Rep. Broun’s idiotic statements about how important parts of science are “lies straight from the pit of hell.”

What I especially like about this article is that it goes into great detail about the science behind why we think the Big Bang is a real thing, then brings it back around to the idea that if it’s a lie, then the universe itself is lying to us because there is literally no other explanation for all of these observations.

Go read it, educate yourself, and when you’re in a room with a Republican member of the House Committee for Science, Space, and Technology, feel free to use it to make them look like the morons they are. Or, just, you know, know more about how incredible our universe is.


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