Your Parents Are What? And They What?

I was reading John Shore’s blog and there’s a letter from a liberal Christian lesbian (which I still can’t help but as “why?”) who works at a prayer answering service with a bunch of fundies. Kind of a strange situation, I admit, and no doubt very hard as she describes her anxiety at hiding both her sexuality and her theology. Can’t blame her, really, and I would predictably advise her to run as far and as fast as she can.

But here’s the thing that really got me.

This builds up on the fact that my parents deny my sexuality even though they are atheists; they also deny my Christian beliefs.

My first thought on this is, “That can’t be right.” But I have no reason to doubt it is, either, so I am going to go with the idea that her parents are not only shitty parents, but not very rational either. I very much agree with Shore’s in line comment.

Part of what attracted me to atheism was its reliance on reason and focus on reality. Now, I know that shocks can cause denial of reality, but your daughter being gay and Christian should not be a shock to people who reject the biggest myth of them all. The gay part is the big thing, obviously, since there’s absolutely no secular reason why that should be a problem, but even the Christianity is not best approached by pretending it’s not true.

Now, I don’t know all the details here, but let’s pretend for a second that it is all exactly as it’s laid out to be, and if parts aren’t quite correct, it’s now a philosophical experiment. One thing I have learned in a year of blogging and troll hunting through the atheosphere is that being a skeptic doesn’t mean you’re always rational. There are a surprising number of MRAs, homophobes, and libertarians among less dangerous varieties of strange beliefs. Bill Maher can be sexist and believes in alternative medicine, for example. There is a group of anti-choice atheists who peddle the same bad science as their evangelical counterparts.

But part of the beauty of skepticism is that we should be open to being corrected. I sincerely hope these parents get corrected somehow, but this is just ridiculous.


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