Study Shows Free Contraception Lowers Abortion Rate. Also, Sky Blue.

This really should surprise absolutely nobody as similar studies have shown the same thing over and over and over again that effective birth control lowers pregnancy and that places with comprehensive sex education that encourage proper birth control have fewer teen pregnancies, therefore there would be less need for abortion, but now we have yet another study that shows that free, reliable birth control lowers the rate of abortion and teen pregnancy.

I remember when I used to teach high school English, and when my students were tired or not really into the lesson, you’d have to lead them through every step to show them why X event in the book leads to Y conclusion about what the book means. I kinda feel that way about this study. Somehow, anti-choicers refused to take that last step between “fewer unintended pregnancies” and “fewer abortions”.

But, that does give them the benefit of the doubt. If I were more cynical, I might suggest that “saving babies” is a secondary concern to “making everybody live by ridiculous and antiquated social/sexual rules.” But I’m not going to be that cynical today. I’m going to withhold judgement and see the responses.

So, pro-lifers, here’s your chance (again). Do you accept science with a sigh of relief and a feeling of “I’m so glad to learn that this terrible thing isn’t actually happening.”? Or do you reject that contraception lowers unwanted pregnancies and therefore abortions because Magic Book?

Ball’s in your court. My guess is that the people who make their living on evangelical insularity won’t let the “saving babies” crowd hear about this without a healthy dose of “don’t believe science’s lies.”


4 thoughts on “Study Shows Free Contraception Lowers Abortion Rate. Also, Sky Blue.

  1. Well, to be sure, sometimes people have to be told these things. Just like you have to be told that the sky is blue before it can’t be anything else in your brain’s eye:

    Of course, you have to be receptive to the lesson, too, and there’s a part of me that believes there are many in the anti-abortion crowd that are trying to be willfully colorblind (to stretch the metaphor of the sky necessarily being blue).

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