Taking Care of Myself

The thing is, I’ve been really focused on a lot of things lately. I’m a busy guy (many of you know this). Which is why I’ve let some things slip.

But recently I’ve looked at the things I’ve sacrificed in order to accomplish those other things, and I realize that it’s not worth it, especially since I don’t have to sacrifice that much.

What am I talking about? Well, I just made it back from the gym. I’ve been trying to go since last Wednesday and have managed to make it a couple of times. There was a time when I would spend two hours a day working out, but then life happened, I hit a plateau in my weight loss, and I basically gave up. It didn’t seem worth working for nothing and I was able to convince myself I had done enough.

Moreover, I haven’t really been able to afford good meals for a long time. I can now, but it’s been a struggle, and not eating/eating only cheap stuff really took a toll on me. I’ve been tired, my blood pressure has been dropping, and I’ve been sick more often. It’s not a sustainable lifestyle and I have no intention of dramatically spiraling into self-loathing and eventually death. It’s not my style, and as much as the temptation exists, it’s not something I really want to do.

Besides, who would then rant incoherently at you, my dear readers? I’m pretty sure nobody else on the internet does that.

So here I am, trying to get myself back to a place where I can be healthy and happy. It’ll help me with my fencing and my singing (need all the help I can get on those), it’ll give me more time as I will be sleeping less, it’ll keep me more focused.

But I need something from you guys. I need suggestions.

1. I need ideas on things I can combine. For example, I really need to spend some time watching TV shows. It sounds silly, but it’s one way that I relax and keep my brain working that I analyze media, and there are enough quality shows to deconstruct for meaning and style now that I can. I’ve discovered that I can spend time at the gym streaming my shows on my tablet, so that instead of lying in bed watching aimlessly, I’m at least moving. Anything else I can combine?

2. This is especially important. I need large, healthy recipes. I don’t have a lot of time to cook during the week, so I generally make a single, huge meal and bring it to work for lunch with me all week long in portions. However, most of these are a lot of pasta or a lot of rice with some veggies and meat mixed in. I really need to change that ratio without significantly altering the price. So any recipes or tips would be incredibly helpful.
I feel like I’m starting all over again, and I kinda hate it. But I know there are things I need to do to keep myself alive and happy. So if you enjoy my writing and would like to see me continue rather than succumb to depression until I malnourish myself into oblivion, any tips you have would be incredibly helpful.

2 thoughts on “Taking Care of Myself

  1. 1) walking and singing 🙂 it’s a thing i used to do while learning a song – go out for a walk late at night and sing to myself. Obviously it’s hard to walk at a good pace, so it’s not excellent exercise, but moving is better than not moving and it’s really calming. Also it’s quiet and few ppl are around so it’s good for working on pitch or figuring out a tricky melody in relative privacy.

    2) I’ve got quite a few healthy recipes with a decently high yield – i’d have to copy them out and email them to you though, unless you’d rather have them listed here?

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