The Most Important Election in the History of Azeroth

Based on my earlier post, a very good friend of mine came up with seven hard hitting questions that should be of great concern to Maine voters. Consider this an open letter to the Maine GOP to offer them some ideas on the type of thing that they seem to think is very important to the senatorial debate. I encourage them to focus on these questions and allow the Democrat to focus on issues that deal with Maine.

1) As a green skinned (and thus majority) Orc, how do you feel about a brown-skinned Orc in charge of the Horde?
2) Do you feel that Warchief Hellscream’s tactics in battle against the Alliance have violated any codes of conduct in an ethical campaign?
3) Do you support Warchief Hellscream’s use of W.M.D’s such as the Mana Bomb against innocent refugees in Theremore?
4) How do you plan to counter the environmental damage done to Pandaria with the rise of the Sha and Mantid, of which these two forces only began to destroy the natural ecosystem because of our bringing of war to the formally peaceful land?
5) Should the native Pandarians be put on a diet, or given the freedom to enjoy their rice and booze in peace?
6) As a Orc Rouge, how do you feel about the Dark Shaman ‘s influence in Ragefire Chasm and how does it affect your dealings in the Cleft of Shadow?
7) Are you now, or have you ever been involved with transmogrification?


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