Bronze Age Women Metal Workers

My love of feminism and history know very few bounds, if any, so I love it when we make archaeological findings that seem to show that ancient cultures were not nearly as patriarchal as we seem to think they were.

Such as this news item about an Austrian museum that says they have found the skeletal remains of a woman metal worker from the Bronze Age. It turns out that she was buried with a hammer, anvil, flint chisels, and a number of pieces of dress jewelry. Even though they couldn’t find a pelvis, they can identify the skeleton as female by the shape of the skull and lower jaw bone.

The more research we do, the more we find a much more complex vision of history than we previously had. There are a lot of people who love to mythologize the past, make it into this perfect utopia that was somehow ruined by the immoral bleating of people who couldn’t just shut up and know their place. However, evidence is showing us that that utopia never existed and, in many ways, we’ve taken steps backward, often by ironically hearkening to “traditions” that are fairly recent by comparison, and would remain ridiculous regardless of their age.

(h/t Taslima Nasreen, who also has a picture the other article doesn’t)


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