Celebrating 3,000

Looks like I just broke 3,000 all time views. From what I’ve read elsewhere, this is a blogging milestone. Or was that 3,000 views in a day? I can’t remember.

The new format seems to be working, and people are not only showing up to read, but returning for some unfathomable reason.

Either way, thank you all for reading and we’re going to keep going here until we reach…a much higher number.

If you love me and want to see my numbers go higher, be sure to share, share, share what you read here. You know that impulse you get when you say, “People should read about this?” Listen to that impulse.

Hitting 3,000 all time hits

I am very proud of this. And very grateful to all of you.


2 thoughts on “Celebrating 3,000

    • Generally, no, from what I hear from people who actually rely on hits for money. It’s why I try and click through on FtB and Patheos at least, to make sure they get the credit, even if I read it in Google Reader.

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