Lying Pastors Convicted in Uganda

It seems that in Uganda that it’s illegal to spread false, malicious rumors about people. At least that was discovered by six people, four of them pastors, one of them the most odious Martin Ssempa, who were convicted today of trying to spread a rumor about a rival pastor that he was molesting children.

Some background for those just coming into this conversation, Ssempa is the virulently anti-gay pastor who is most vocal and influential in trying to pass the bill that would make it legal for Uganda to murder its LGBT population. His victim, Pastor Kayanja, who heads Lubaga Miracle Centre in Kampala, has spoken against this. So, lacking a moral high ground, Ssempa and his friends did what most people who believe highly immoral things do: they invented one.

Living in a country on the bleeding edge of the Third World like Uganda, there is obviously a much different opinion on clear and present danger than in the industrialized world.

The magistrate said the case is sensitive in nature adding that genocides around the world have happened after the propagation of false information.


Well…yea. Yea, they have. And Ssempa knows this. I think I’m having one of those cynical days when I assume that the objective is to encourage violence without having to take responsibility for it. “Oh, we just said he was raping children. We didn’t expect people would do anything about it.” This is not a feeling based on hard evidence, just my thoughts on somebody who otherwise spends his time trying to encourage genocide because the necks of two wine bottles cannot be inserted into one another.

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