The Weight of English Study

Yes, it is nice when the chemical engineer recognizes how much more difficult and data-intensive it is to be an English major. It’s like the guy building a pyramid turning to the person brewing the beer pyramid-builder will get in wages and saying, “Man, you guys have got it tough.”

Though depending on the library, it still may be an incomplete collection of knowledge we need to have. And if you take narrative more broadly, it could include films and other media that the library may be lacking (for example, Willow is a fantastic example of tight storytelling and highly instructive).

So, this is an impasse I have yet to figure out. How do I use the blog to post about comics? Do I link to the comic page, thereby adding an extranious click for my readers? Do I put the comic image on my site, thereby preventing people from actually visiting the comic site? Do I just refer to it and let people look it up on their own? Do I not use this medium, which seems unsuitable for it, and just post a link on Twitter and FB?

Today I’m going to go with the “extranious click” option, seeing as how that seems like the best way to make sure I’m still supporting Dante’s comic. It works for today since I had additional commentary. However, I would love the advice of experienced bloggers who may have dealt with this. Also, should probably email Dante and ask him….

Either way, here’s the link again.


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