Priorities for Others

A friend recently said she felt comfortable flirting with me, or, more to the point with me flirting with her. And I think there’s a simple reason behind that.

Much of the discussion going on in many of the circles I associate with has been about harassment. Often, the objection that cracking down on harassment will somehow make flirting impossible is made. And it remains a stupid argument.

The reason why my friend is comfortable is that she knows that if she doesn’t respond, we’re still friends. She’s an amazing person that I also happen to be attracted to. But my friendship is not predicated on her being attracted to me or pretending to be. She is a human being.

That is the difference. The reason why there is no conflict between flirting and not harassing is because not harassing comes from a place of prioritizing a person’s happiness over their nudity. It’s not difficult to both flirt with a person and treat them like a person. And if that’s what you’re doing, then you don’t have to worry. If you’re scared that you will be accused of harassment should that become easier, you might want to look at your behavior.


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