One Year

While I was out to my friends for a while before this happened, today marks the one year anniversary of my coming out as bisexual to my parents. It wasn’t easy to do at the time, I spent months agonizing over the decision, wondering whether it was necessary, asking my friends for the advice I knew they would give.

Finally I said it. There was a lot of buildup, but what tipped me over the edge was a post about Bisexuality Visibility Day on Greta Christina’s blog. I hope one day I might thank her in person for writing that and creating a community of readers who supported me in the comments.

Suffice it to say, it’s been a year and I’ve used this time to really explore what it means to be fully out about this. There have been tears and touching moments, questions of all sorts, and a greater understanding. My mom stopped attending her Catholic church because she won’t support an organization that thinks there’s something wrong with her son. My dad no longer seems nervous when Jack Harkness flirts with men on Torchwood.

Now maybe one day I’ll be able to answer “yes” when asked, “You’re not an atheist, are you?”

So many closets, but today I am proud of the one I did come out of.


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