Format Experiment

So, I really want this blog to get off the ground (more than it has), and a part of that is consistency. However, consistency is really hard when I write posts that often take hours to research and write, not to mention proofreading, so this space tends to lie fallow for periods, spring to life when I have the time, then once again return to dormancy.

This is not the way to run a blog.

I also realized that on FB and Google +, I often will write long blocks of text to describe my opinions on articles that I post because I don’t like mindless cheerleading. Comment-free articles often come across as just “Yay, Our Side!” cheering to the pep squad, especially when the person has made clear what they believe in advance (e.g. if I post an article about an advance in gay rights, you already know I support what it’s saying, and if I post one on somebody being arrested for blasphemy, you know I’m opposed to the arrest). Providing some commentary gives people a chance to reflect on an aspect of the article or connect some angle of it to another idea.

This also prevents me from posting a lot to Twitter, and I like Twitter quite a bit.

So, instead of posting long, rambling posts to FB and G+, I’m going to post them here and link to them on the social networks. It puts an extra click between my commentary and my point, but I think my readers will be willing to do that because they are among the most intelligent and motivated people on the internet.

This way, I can keep this space robust and trafficked, I can learn to write something between 140 characters and a magnum opus, and the option to discuss on social networks remains in place.

Just as a note: I will still be writing stirring, powerful analyses of the important issues of the day, and will distinguish them in my social network posting by starting with the now familiar “In which I…”, but rather than those being the only thing I post here every few days or so, there will be smaller posts in between to keep things lively.

Please let me know if this format becomes a problem or if you think it’s the most awesome thing ever to touch the intertubes. If this doesn’t work, I’ll try something else, so I need feedback.


2 thoughts on “Format Experiment

  1. This sounds like it could be a good way for you to reach a happy midpoint. I love reading the articles about which you post, even if I don’t have the time to respond to a lot of them.

    And the brief preface you add does help to place it in a specific context for anyone considering whether or not to click-through to the full article. We have a mutual acquaintance who posts articles with zero preface; that makes it difficult to know how to respond to him on those posts as I never wish to give insult by assuming an incorrect stance based on my own opinion of the article’s content.

    • I would argue that your honest opinion is more a compliment than an insult, but I can see what you’re saying.

      I’m glad you enjoy the things I post normally and hope that this format will work out for you and everyone else, so please keep me updated to see if it does.

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