Be Vocal in South Carolina

Well, it seems that South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, cutting off her nose to spite the citizens of her state, just vetoed funding for the South Carolina Commission for the Arts.

Blogger Ashley Miller has written about this and her personal connection to the Commission, and I encourage you to read it, but for those of you who aren’t like me and think the arts are worth supporting for their own sake, keep in mind that this is literally a waste of money. The arts bring $9.2 billion into the state every year, and this would cut $1.9 billion million from the budget. That’s $7.3 billion that is being thrown away [EDIT: Correction, I got that letter wrong and it only costs $1.9 million, so that’s over $9 billion lost] because Republicans don’t like art, or at least think government money is better spent harassing people who might or might not be immigrants.

Go to Ashley’s page, contact the various chambers, and tell them to override the governor’s veto. The links are provided there, it’s really easy. The arts are vital, even in the Deep South, and this will do nothing but cost the state $7.3 billion $9 billion, which is far too expensive for a point on the tribal score board that Haley appears to be concerned about.

If you can’t do this, spread the word. Politicians like numbers, they like to be able to justify their actions, so give them the numbers they need.


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