Sanal Edamaruku Being Hunted

Today in Delhi, police arrived at the home of Sanal Edamaruku looking for the rationalist in order to arrest him.

This morning, officers of the Delhi Police reached Sanal Edamaruku’s house to arrest him. They came upon directions of a Delhi court to execute an arrest warrant issued by a Mumbai Metropolitan Magistrate Court (second highest Criminal Court). If Sanal had been at home, he would be in jail now….

The officers were informed that Sanal is presently out of Delhi and traveling. They insisted on details of his whereabouts, addresses and contact numbers. Some hours later, they came again to press for information, to no avail.

For those of you coming to this story a little late, Edamaruku is an Indian rationalist who specializes in debunking supernatural scams. Several months ago a statue of Christ began dripping water, seemingly from nowhere, and was quickly pronounced a miracle by the local Catholic church. People were coming from miles around and giving generously to the church for the opportunity to collect some of the “holy water” dripping from the statue’s feet.

Edamaruku did some investigating and showed that a leaking pipe behind the statue was causing a water backup, and the water was being leeched out of the nail holes via capillary action.

As a result, the Church is now calling for his arrest under the very real Indian law against “offending religious sensibilities,” and while Edamaruku would welcome being put on trial, he has twice been denied “anticipatory bail,” basically meaning that he would have to spend time in jail in order to do so.

The Vatican has pointedly ignored calls, most notably the 8,000+ signatures on an online petition (go sign it) from the Rationalist Association (UK), and Sanal has since fled the country.

Sanal Edamaruku exposed a lie and a fraud, not to mention followed the law (the Indian Constitution says that citizens should develop, “scientific temper, humanism and the spirit of inquiry and reform”), and now the powerful men he exposed are trying to use the gears of the state to crush him for it.

If you possibly can, help out. Sign the above petition. Spread the word about this travesty. Donate to his defense fund (every little bit helps). Don’t let frauds and con men, who should be the target of the law, use the system of justice to protect their con.


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